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Château Castera, partner of the Sommelier Association of Bordeaux-Aquitaine

Last 26th of July, Château Castera received the visit of ten master sommeliers, all members of the Sommelier Association of Bordeaux-Aquitaine, to live a unique experience.


Indeed, for the first time, these wine experts gathered for 3 hours, with Jean-Pierre Darmuzey, sales director, and Philippe Grynfellt, technical director. Based on different batches of the 2016 vintage, produced from the vineyard of Château Castera, the experts created a unique vintage out of ten barrels.


The wine which will result from this blending will age in barrels before it gets bottled in May 2018 in a screen printed and personalized bottle. Thereafter, the wine will be submitted during the national congress of the Sommeliers that will take place in 2019 in Bordeaux.


This vintage is the brainchild of Jean-Pascal Paubert, Honorary Chairman of the Sommeliers of Aquitaine. The vintage is designed for the master sommeliers of the different other regional associations and will be developed each year by a different regional organisation.